Refurbishment model

The past years Vrenen has spent a lot of time and resources developing a refurbishment model that is both cost-effective and time-efficient. In order to develop the renovation model, Vrenen has worked together with Tm2 to develop a competitive model with qualitative material from EU countries.


The kitchen and other materials can be tailored completely after the tenant's wishes and come in a variety of colors and shades, something that has been highly appreciated by all of Vrenens tenants. The kitchens as well as the various appliances are contemporary stylish and specifically designed for apartments ranging in size from 47-85/sq.m.


All appliances are purchased from Electrolux. In addition to this, floor heating, spotlights and induction hobs are included as standard. The renovation model has been highly appreciated by tenants as well as the Tenants Association(Hyresgästföreningen), as the apartments are attractively renovated and no involuntary evacuation takes place.

“Vrenen is an active landlord that takes great care of its tenants, in addition to reasonable prices. The standard of the refurbished apartments is superior when compared to other residential property companies.”

- Mats, Property manager