In December 2016 Vrenen acquired the property Fakiren 3, which is a centrally located property in the heart of Eskilstuna. The property has a total floor-space of 2,600 sq.m and comprises 26 apartments and 4 retail spaces in total. When Vrenen purchased the property, it was 30% vacated and we have since December refurbished the empty apartments as well as relocated some of the existing tenants.

The long-term strategy is to refurbish the whole property during 2017 and 2018, which will also imply that pipes, ventilation as well as refurbishment of common areas will be carried out.

The property is situated circa 200 metres from the Eskilstuna’s Central train station as well as the local campus, which makes the asset ideal for commuters or students alike

Nyforsgatan 29
Norra Knoopgatan 2 A-B

Year of construction: 1959
(2017 after the 2/3 of the property has been refurbished)
Total Sq.m: 2,200
Residential: 1,640
Commercial: 560